Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dE review notes

Working title: Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies: Open Questions

Various topics:
  • Are dE and dSph the same beast?
  • Did dE form their stars rapidly? 
  • Both alpha/Fe and rotation have some bearing on this
  • Is there any evidence for delayed star-formation due to the UV background?
  • How strong is the evidence that some/most dE are stripped spirals?
  • What are the nuclei and how did they form?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Possible accommodations in Florence

Palazzo Belefiore looks promising. http://www.residencebelfiore.it/
Looks like we would need to rent two apartments for about $3000 total for the week.
Clarissa, with its frescoes looks particularly interesting. Pictures also at:

Orsanmichele looks like it might be perfect. I haven't yet checked price, but it looks
like it is available the week we want.

The frescoed ceilings in this one look very nice...$3380 for the week. Don't know if it's available.

What looks to be the same one is listed at $3076 here (but maybe that's low season)

This one is fun just to look at (not available):

There are a bunch together in this building:

This one is sort of cool as well, sort of strangely furnished, though...no prices given:

If we wanted to go truly high end, there is a villa available for $9750 (holds 10 people).